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Confederate Reenactment Units

1st Alabama Cavalry - Company "C", USV - We are folks who live in Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. Some are natives of the South; others are transplants.
1st Alabama Cavalry Regiment, Company "G" - The Pope Walker Rangers - Our members come from Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. And we attend events all throughtout the Southeastern United States.
1st Battalion CS Marines - Located in the Southeast.
1st Florida Volunteer Infantry, Company "E" , CSA - Founded on July 24, 1990 in Pensacola Florida.
NEW 1st Georgia Regulars - Based in Georgia. The 1st Georgia Regulars was reactivated in the Spring of 2000 by 19 members of the Georgia Volunteer Battalion. We recognized that there was a need in our mainstream battalion for a unit with a more focused view of authenticity. That unit is the 1st Georgia Regulars. The unit is made up of veteran reenactors who have many years in the hobby. While we want to maintain our ties to our mainstream units, and our friends in those units, we also want to participate in the growing trend towards authenticity. As such, we will actively improve our impressions, and seek out those events that give our members the most authentic experience.
1st Kentucky Cavalry and Horse Artillery - Encamped at Georgetown, Kentucky.
1st Louisiana Special Battalion Company "B" - Tiger Rifles - We are a re-enactment group based out of Illinois and Iowa
1st Maryland Artillery, CSA - The First Maryland attends events primarily in the Mid-Atlantic and Shenandoah regions, with members from Pennsylvania and Maryland.
1st Missouri Volunteer Infantry Company "I" - The Missouri Guards - They call Missouri home.
1st North Carolina Cavalry - We are headquartered and perform at Follows Camp, in Azusa, California.
1st North Carolina Volunteers/11th North Carolina Troops - The 1st North Carolina Volunteers/11th North Carolina State Troops Civil War Reenactment Regiment is the oldest reenactment group in North Carolina.
1st Virginia, Company H - Based in California.
2nd Regiment, Confederate Engineer Corps Corps - Company "D" - We are a WBTS Reenacting group based in Georgia, but we do Events throughout the South.
2nd Kentucky Infantry Regiment - Based in Kentucky.
NEW 2nd Maryland Cavalry, Company "A" - Gilmor's Rangers - New unit being formed for the 2005 season. History repeats itself as former members of the 1st Maryland Infantry have transfered to the Cavalry. We are raising a new company dedicate to the preservation of Maryland heritage. Site is up and running, but under construction. Communication info is there.
2nd Maryland Infantry, Company "A", CSA - Reenactment schedule includes events in Virginia and Maryland.
2nd Maryland Infantry, Company "G", CSA - Based in Maryland. The Company travels extensively in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. They have also attended events as far away as Tennessee and North Carolina.
2nd Maryland Infantry Company "H" - The Maryland Guard- Based in Maryland
2nd Missouri Cavalry Company "B" - Based in Missouri.
2nd Regiment Arkansas Mounted Rifles - Co. "B" (dismounted) - The organization participates in Reenactments in Arkansas and the surrounding states. We also do Living History encampments at local community festivals.
2nd Virginia Company E - Stonewall Brigade - The 2nd Virginia is based in Northeastern Pennsylvania (Clarks Summit, Pa.) and travels from New York to North Carolina attending reenactments.
2nd Virginia Infantry, Company "D" - "Berkeley Border Guards" - Located in Clarksburg, West Virginia (Stonewall Jackson's Birthplace).
NEW 2nd Virginia Infantry Company "D" - Located in Martinsburg, West Virginia. We attend events in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. A proud member of 1st Regiment PACS.
3rd Florida Volunteer Infantry - Company "A" - Based in Florida.
3rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Co. "G" - The "Confederate Light Guards" (Co. G, 3rd Reg. GA. Vol. Inf.) is reactivated within but not restricted to the Fort Tejon Historical Association in Southern California.
3rd Texas Cavalry - Based in Texas.
3rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry , Companies - "A" thru "K" - Based in Virginia.
4th Alabama Cavalry Company "B" (dismounted) - We are a Reenactment and Living History group based in central Alabama with members from Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida in our ranks.
4th North Carolina Infantry - Founded in 1968, the present day 4th North Carolina Infantry is one of the oldest and most renouned reenactment units in the Middle Atlantic region. Our membership is drawn from the Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Northern Virginia areas. Widely recognized for our authenticity and belief in safety, we feel we can only do justice to our forefathers and the Confederate soldier through the most accurate representation in clothing, equipment and drill.
4th Tennessee Infantry Company "E", Gainesboro Tennessee - Our members are spread across several states and all over Tennessee.
4th Virginia Cavalry, Company "D" - "Little Fork Rangers" - Our cavalry unit consists of approximately 29 members from Virginia and Maryland. Our home fort located in Culpeper, Virginia.
5th Alabama Battalion, Company "D" - Located in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland area.
NEW 5th Alabama Infantry - This is a new unit surrounding the areas of Central Ohio Southern and Northern Ohio and parts of Western Pennsylvania. What we are looking for in this unit are experienced reenactors, preferably Officers and Non Commissioned Officers. If you wish to join this unit the Yearly Fee's are $15.00 and if we decide to do quartermaster in food supply etc. that will be $5.00 for each event, so as to keep supplies and to buy the supplies needed for each event.
5th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Companies D&F - The 5th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry is an reenactment group of men and their families from Kentucky primarily formed by members of The Sons of Confederate Veterans with direct bloodline to these Confederate heros.
NEW 5th Kentucky - Company "B" - "The Nelson Grays"
- We of "The Nelson Grays" are members of a unit that is based in Northern and Central Kentucky. We attempt through reeanctments and living histories in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Georgia to honor the spirit of the original Orphan Brigade and to educate the public about the events and people of the WBTS.
NEW 5th Virginia Company "D" Southern Guard - We are located in central Indiana. We also have several members from northern Kentucky. The 5th Virginia is a reenactment, living history group. We are a growing unit with a cadet corps and a large civilian (both male and female impressions) group. Our military prides itself on our authenticity. We are part of the Independent Guard. We attend events in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.
6th Louisiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment - A dual impression American Civil War reenactment group located primarily in the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania.
6th Tennessee Cavalry Reg CS - We reenact battles of the Civil War in the Southeast, but mainly Alabama since we are located in Birmingham, Alabama. We are a family oriented unit. We strive for authenticity, but are not strict.
6th Texas Infantry, Co. "K" - "The Alamo Rifles" - Recruiting in the South and Central Texas region, based in San Antonio. The Alamo Rifles are a member company of the Red River Battalion, based in Dallas. Primary impression is Confederate Midwar Army of Tennessee. Federal impression is 165th NY Zouaves. Event calendar includes regional events in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas and national events in most southern and border states.
7th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry - Based in Eastern Kentucky.
7th Tennessee Cavalry, Comapny "D" - Based in Tennessee.
8th Arkansas/22nd Michigan - Our members are located in areas of St Clair, Macomb, Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties of Michigan. A family oriented Civil War reenacting group. Our purpose is to preserve the memory of those who fought and died during the American Civil War. We accomplish this through living history, battle reenactments, parades, memorials, and school lectures. We are one of the few organizations in the Great lakes region to actively portray both sides of the war.
9th Virginia Regiment of Cavalry - A non-profit corporation located on the west coast in the state of Oregon.
NEW 9th VA Co E or Living History Society of NJ - Progressive/mainstream unit located in NJ, PA, DE and does both Federal and Confederate impressions.
9th Virginia, Company "F" - We are based out of Toledo, Ohio with members from all over the northern part of the state.
9th Virginia Cavalry Company "K" (dismounted) - Seeking new recruits from the Northern Ohio area to bolster its ranks.
10th North Carolina State Troops, Battery "D" - Reilly's Battery - Based in North Carolina.
10th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Company "D" - Based in Wisconsin.
NEW 10th Texas Infantry - Company "G" - Based out of North Georgia, we are a group of authentic living historians that portray campaign soldiers of the Army of Tennessee. We pride ourselves in maintaining a high level of discipline in authenticity of uniform, equipage, camplife, historical knowledge and military bearing. We believe that it is research and documentation that dictates the path of our impressions. Operating on the premise that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, each member has something worthwhile to contribute to the growth of our group.
11th Mississippi Infantry - Company "A" - University Grays - Composed primarily of men from Mississippi and Tennessee, along with a few members from other regions.
11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment Company "G" - Lamar Rifles - The majority of our members reside in and around the St. Louis, Missouri area. However, the unit includes members that reside great distances from St. Louis, including other countries outside the USA.
11th Texas Cavalry(Includes Many Companys) - Based in Old Town Spring, Texas.
12th Virginia Infantry, Company "B" - The Petersburg Grays - The modern-day 12th Virginia Infantry is a "progressive" reenactment unit that does a wide variety of events throughout the American East.
13th Virginia Infantry Company "I" - The Frontier Rifles - A family oriented unit, mainly based in South - Central Pennsylvania with some exceptions, i.e. members from Virginia and the odd "Danes". The Company has 24 members; men, women and children.
14th Alabama Volunteer Infantry, Company "G" - "The Hilliby True Blues" - Based in East Central Alabama, we have members from all over the state and neighboring states. We strive to portray an authentic impression in order to educate the public about the period in American History from 1861 to 1865 known as "The War Between the States". We are a progressive unit focusing on correct personal impressions and correct camp impressions, both campaign and garrison. We honor our ancestors by participating in Living History Events, School Programs, Battle Reenactments and Memorial Ceremonies.
15th Mississippi Infantry, Company K "Choctaw Grays" - Based in Mississippi.
NEW 15th Infantry, Texas Volunteers - We are a group with members from all over Texas and into Arkansas who share the common goal of researching and properly representing the 15th Texas Infantry Regiment, a command that spent its entire service in the Trans-Mississippi. Though we stress authenticity in our physical impressions, we also put a strong emphasis on period drill and first person interaction.
NEW 15th Virginia Infantry Company "A" - Based in Richmond, Virginia.
17th Virginia Calvary Company "F" - Based in West Virginia.
17th Mississippi Infantry, Company "D" - Based in Mississippi.
17th Virginia Infantry, Comapny "D" - "Fairfax Rifles" - Based in Virginia.
NEW 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment - A non-profit, tax-exempt, living history and Civil War reenactment organization with Head Quarters in Huntsville, Alabama. Organized in 1982, the unit has grown to be one of the largest and most active reenactment groups in Alabama. Company I, "Cherokee Rangers", is the Head Quarters company, and primarily draws its members from the N. Alabama and S. Tennessee areas. We also have members in the Dallas, TX area and in Tallahassee, FL. The unit also does a Federal infantry impression as the 42nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry.
19th Virginia Infantry Company "B" - Based in Virginia.
20th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry - Based in Batesburg, South Carolina.
22nd Arkansas, of the 1st Arkansas Battalion (Huckabee's) - Most of our members are from Oklahoma. We are always looking for new recruits, if interested, let us know.
22nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment
23rd North Carolina Infantry, Company "D" - Based in New Jersey, our organization reenact both Northern and Southern units in the Civil War. We are available for School Programs, Reenactments, Living History, Commericals, Documentaries, Fundraisers.
23rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment Companies "A-K" - Based in Virginia. An authentic living history organization dedicated to an accurate portrayal of the common soldier and citizen of the Old Dominion. We normally field 20-30 soldiers and civilians per event. The 23rd Virginia is also Company A of the (IVR) Independant Volunteer Rifles.
24th Missouri Volunteer Infantry Lyon Legion - Today's 24th is a little different than the original. It's not located in Missouri. We are actually located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, home of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. GO POKES!
25th Georgia Volunteer Infantry - The Altamaha Scouts - The Altamaha Scouts membership consists of people from Liberty, Long, Effingham and Chatham Counties in Georgia, but membership is open to anyone in the area interested in having a great time while recreating the life of a confederate soldier from the coastal Georgia area.
26th North Carolina Volunteer Regiment - Our organization has approximately 275 military members from the mountains to the coast of North Carolina, ten other states, and Australia. The total membership of the organization, which includes civilian reenactors and supporting members, is approximately 400.
27th Regiment North Carolina Troops - Company "D" - Based in Raleigh, North Carolina.
28th Georgia, Company G/123rd New York, Company "D" - We are garrisoned in North Georgia, out of Resaca, and are members of the Georgia Division Reenactors Association, Inc. and participate as a company in the Georgia Division Battalion.
32nd Mississippi Volunteer Infantry - Home is the Mississippi Gulf Coast
33rd Alabama Volunteer Infantry - Home is the state of Alabama.
37th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regimental Band - Athens, Georgia.
37th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Company "H" - Hardee's Corps - Our members span from Memphis to Atlanta, but we are based mostly out of the Chattanooga/North Georgia area.
37th Texas Cavalry (Terrell's) CSA - Located nationwide and worldwide with Companies in the Southeast, West Coast, England, Greece, Australia, Tasmania, and soon Coratia. We are dedicated to the study, recognition, portrayal, and honor of the "Forgotten Confederates" - those of different color, national origin, and religion.
37th Virginia Volunteer Infantry - Company "C" - Based in Russell County Virginia. A proud member of The Department of Southwest Virginia Battalion.
37th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Company "E" - Based in Virginia. Company E. is a Proud Member of The Southern Guards Battallion.
37th Virginia Infantry, Company "K" - The reactivated Co. K was founded in 1992 by Bob Denton (49) and Travis Haymaker (24), both of Winchester, Virginia. Denton and Haymaker were veteran reenactors with prior experiences in a number of units.
38th Virginia Volunteer Infantry - The 38th Regiment Virginia Volunteer Infantry, Company F, is a War Between the States reenactment unit based in Richmond, Virginia. We are a proud member of Longsteet's Corps. The unit was first organized in July of 1992 and has been active in reenactments, living histories, parades and school presentations. We portray both the Confederate and Union soldier.
42nd Georgia Volunteer Infantry - "Where are we from Boys?...Georgia! Georgia!" Member of Georgia Volunteer Battalion.
42nd Virginia Infantry Regiment - The 42nd Virginia Infantry Regiment is a nonprofit living history organization that was founded in 1983 and officially organized in 1984. The Regiment, which is based in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, is dedicated to the historical preservation and interpretation of Southern history during the period encompassed by the War Between the States (1861-1865). This goal is achieved by authentically portraying the life of the Confederate soldier or a civilian of the times.
44th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Company "C" - "The Johnson Guards" - Our membership stretches from Maryland to New York, and all points in between. We are members of "Pridgeon's Shenandoah Legion" and pride ourselves in our authentic portrayal of soldiers "on the campaign.
44th Virginia Company "K" - Civil War Reenactors World. Contains links, sutlers.
NEW 45th Alabama, Company "B" - "Dixie Sledge Guards" - We are based out of Metro Atlanta; however, we do have members in Tennessee and Alabama. We are progressive/campaign outfit.
NEW 46th Mississippi Infantry - The 46th Mississippi is a non-profit War Between The States (Civil War) Reenacting group / unit based out of the Jackson, Mississippi metropolitan area.
46th Tennessee Infantry Co. "E" (CSA) - "The Lost River Mess" - Based in Tennessee. Company E, "The Lost River Mess", are like minded living historians dedicated to the authentic portrayal of the Southern infantry soldier. We offer a glimpse into the actual lives of a mid to late war Confederate Infantry Company on the march during the War of Northern Aggression.
47th Virginia Infantry - Company "I" - Based in Virginia. The “Unit” provides guidance and is the basic hobby structure. Members generally provide all their own equipment and clothing. Events are held three seasons out of the year in this region of the country, with several within two hours drive of the Fredericksburg area. Events are by invitation to the Unit. Members vote on the events we attend. Our Unit sets high standards for authenticity and trains to be the best Unit in the Corps. Safety, in camp and on the field, is paramount in our training.
50th Virginia Infantry Company "D" Wilson Rifles - Our company is active from Spring to Fall participating at various community events throughout the Midwest.
51st Virginia Infantry Company D - Our Unit is based primarily in SW Virginia. A Family oriented business. 
We are members of Longstreet's Corps. 

52nd Tennessee Infantry - Based in Tennessee. The 52d Tennessee Infantry CSA is an authentic Civil War re-enacting organisation that actively participates in Civil War living history displays, parades, camps of instruction, school programmes, community events, and of course, battle re-enactments throughout the Mid-South region.
53rd Alabama Cavalry Company "I" - The 53rd Alabama Cavalry is based in Tallassee, Alabama a city rich in history and heritage.
55th Virginia Infantry Regiment - Primarily from the South and Southeast of England, although it draws members from all over the United Kingdom. One of the oldest regiments based in the Southern Skirmish Association.
57th North Carolina - Company "A" - We are a family based Civil War Reenactment unit, out of Baltimore, MD. We have members from Md, Va, Wv, and Pa.
59th Tennessee Half Hoss, Half Gator - The 59th Tn is a Civil War Re-enactment group from the Tri-Cities (Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City) located on the Virginia/Tennessee border. The group is composed mainly of students and graduates of Tennessee High School located in Bristol, TN.
62nd Alabama - Company "A" - The 62nd Alabama Infantry is a group of living historians who recreate an infantry company which was formed in central Alabama in the War Between the States. We are a non-profit, non-political, non denominational volunteer Christian organization.
63rd Tennessee Vol. Infantry, CS - Based in Tennessee with a reenacting schedule including events all over the Southeast.
Alabama Division of Civil War Reenactors - We represent units from all across the deep South as well as all branches - infantry, artillery, cavalry, naval and civilian.
Alabama Volunteer Battalion - Based in Florida.
Archer's Brigade ANV
Army of Tennessee Artillery Corps - Newly formed organization consisting of artillery units from Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and others. Currently 22 guns strong and growing. Very family oriented. (Link is e-mail link to: - John Nash).
NEW Buttermilk Rangers Living History Cavalry - We are an authentic mounted cavalry unit dedicated to accurately reproducing the true Confederate Cavalrymen of the Trans-Mississippi Department. Although it is not our primary impression, we also portray the mounted cavalrymen of the Confederate Army of Tennessee. Our members are located primarily in Louisiana, Texas, and Missouri.
NEW Cleburne's - We are a living history unit composed of the 1st Arkansas, 2nd Tennessee, 6th Mississippi and 27th Mississippi Infantry. Here you will find a group of Civil War Reenactors dedicated to a progressive and campaign style approach towards recreating the historical aspects of life in both the Confederate and Union Army. Feel free to have a look around and let us hear from you.
Company H, 50th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Reenactors - Today's Company H, 50th Georgia Infantry is a Confederate Reenactment group out mustering out in Southwest Georgia.
Company K, 38th North Carolina Volunteers, Squirrel Tail's Mess - Living Historians from Southern New England. A Group of Progressive War for Southern Independence (or Civil War).
Confederate Military Forces - Although we are labeled as reenactors, the CMF is much broader than that. We attend, as well as host reenactments, march in parades, support research projects, take road trips, offer school demonstrations, and present living history weekends to such places as the Gettysburg and Antietam Nat'l Battlefield Parks. We are currently heading up the funding of two flag restoration projects. One is in conjunction with the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, and the other with the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville.
Confederate States Marine Corp - Pensacola Company "A" - Located in the Tamp Bay area in Florida.
NEW Corn Fed Comrades (8th Arkansas Infantry, Company B) - A progressive mess based in eastern Iowa and central Illinois. Our primary impression is Western Confederate infantry, but we always hone our impressions to fit the scenario we take part in. The Comrades attend events throughout the Mid-West, adding the C/P/H element.
NEW Critter Company - The Critter Company is a living history organization based in Paulding County, Georgia. We strive to portray the horsemen during the era of great struggle in America known as the Civil War as accurately as possible. It is through continuing research and documentation that our impressions and knowledge continually evolve. The Critter Company attends reenactments and living history events throughout the various parts of the United States, concentrating primarily in the southeast, representing both Federal and Confederate cavalry. We are always looking for new volunteers.
Fowler's Alabama Battery - We are based in Brierfield, Alabama with members from Alabama, Tennessee and Louisana.
NEW Department of Northern Virginia -
We are an association of independent Confederate Civil War reenactment units who cooperatively attend selected mid-level events to educate the public about our country's history from April 1861 until April 1865

NEW Fisher's Mess
- An "authentic"/Progressive campaign company portraying the "common" Western Confederate and Union soldier in the War Between the States.
NEW Georgia State Line - "Joe Brown's Pets". Based in Georgia.
Havis' Battery, 14th Battalion Georgia Light Artillery - Based primarily in Georgia.
Holloway's Alabama Rangers - 1st Alabama Cavalry - Company "J" - Based in Alabama.
Hood's Texas Brigade - Headquartered in Texas, of course. This is an excellent web site with information on the different companies that fall under the Texas Brigade.
Howell's Georgia Battery Artillery - Primarily in Georgia consisting of one 12lb Napoleon. We are a family
based unit participating in reenactments and living history events in Georgia and Alabama.

Kentucky Cavalry Brigade - It's "members" are independently organized cavalry and artillery reenacting groups who have come together to work in a coordinated body for certain events during the campaign season. The member units are from Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee. This is an "umbrella" organization.
Lexington Rifles - Company "A" - Second Cavalry Regiment - A family-oriented organization that draws members from Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.
Liberty Rifles - Currently consisting of 5 companies based out of Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Northern Virginia and New York, we also have members from California, to Georgia, to New Hampshire and France.
Mississippi Valley Brigade - Members of our organization include:
The Red River Battalion; The Tennessee Valley Battalion; The Elk River Battalion; The Trans-Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Battalion
Morton's Battery, Forrest Cavalry Corps - Based in Memphis, Tennessee.
Northwest Civil War Council - The NCWC is an umbrella organization that represents the reenacting units making up its membership. The organization sponsors events throughout Oregon State and supports events by participation in adjoining states. Events sponsored by the NCWC are organized by reenactor coordinators and approved by its board of directors and planning committee for its yearly reenactment calendar.
North Carolina Naval Squadron - Based in Eastern North Carolina.
Palmetto Light Artillery - The PLA is a member of the Palmetto (South Carolina) Battalion and also the Deep South Artillery Battery (1st Confederate Division). We have members in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. We usually attend between 12 to 18 events a year, including one or two large National level events, and most of the rest in South Carolina and Georgia. In addition we do living history, memorial ceremonies, parades, and other educational programs.
Pelham's Independant Battery - Located in the Frederick, Maryland Area. Primary impression is Confederate Horse Horse Artillery. We participate in Civil War re-enactments when available. Recruiting is always open at
NEW Skulker Mess - I am a member of the Skulker's Mess, a group of Civil War re-enactors/living historians out of the Missouri, Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kansas area. We portray Federal, Confederate and civilian, but most importantly we try to do it authentically. Our favorites are Missouri Confederate "Camp Jackson Boys" and Illinois Federal "Egyptian Tigers".
Phillips (Georgia) Legion - Phillips (GA) Legion, based in NEWNAN, GA, is an Organization of Civil War Reenactors/"Living Historians", New and "Old" alike, that ENJOY our Hobby, and the fellow Members of the Legion! One of the BEST things about our Legion.
Replica Percussion Revolver Collector's Assoc - The Replica Percussion Revolver Collector's Association is dedicated to promoting a continued interest in the revolvers used by both sides in the Civil War.
NEW Southern Guard Living History Association
- Dedicated to portraying the common soldier of the US Civil War as accurately as research and materials will allow; to protecting and preserving Civil War battlefields and historic sites; to studying archival, archaeological, and material culture resources; and to educating ourselves and the public at large about this critical period in American history.
Southern Legion - A Brigade of Confederate Reenactors in the NE - This brigade consists of three battalions with members from Canada to Maryland and from Buffalo to Maine. Each battalion is based on the early war legion concept which combines infantry, artillery, cavalry, and support elements into unified and highly effective fighting bodies.
Stonewall Brigade - The Stonewall brigade was formed in 1980 by the 4th Virginia Company A and the 33rd Virginia Company E. Since 1980 the 2nd Virginia Co. A, 2nd Virginia Co. E, 5th Virginia Co. A, 27th Virginia Co. C, 27th Virginia Co. D, 33rd Virginia Co. A, and 33rd Virginia Co. H have joined the brigade. We all have several things in common, a love of Civil War history and a desire to do things right. But most importantly we enjoy coming together 6 or 7 times each year being with our friends and putting on the best infantry impression that contemporary research and resources will allow.
Terrell's Texas Cavalry - 37th Regiment - Based in Texas. Members of the 37th are hard core reenctors, educators at the secondary and college levels, professional historians and authors. Our Trooper John O'Donnell-Rosales has published his landmark book, "Hispanic Confederates" recently and it is now selling out its second printing.
NEW Terry's Texas Rangers (8th Texas Cavalry) - Terry's Texas Rangers, as the 8th Texas Cavalry was more commonly referred to, was one of the hardest fighting cavalry units during the War Between the States. Today's Rangers come from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona and New Mexico to recreate the life and times of those brave men as authentically and historically correct as possible some 140 years after the fact.
Thomas' North Carolina Legion - Our largest goal at the current time is to host a reenactment event somewhere here in Colorado, however there are events such as Nebraska City, Fort Kearney and Grand Island that we plan to keep as events that we attend regularly.
Trans-Mississippi Rifles - The TMR has members throughout the state of Oklahoma. Currently, the TMR is assigned as Company F of the 1st Arkansas Infantry Battalion (Huckabee's), Trans-Mississippi Brigade (Beck's), 1st Confederate Division.
NEW Waco Mess - Based in Texas. A small group of civil war historians dedicated to the preservation of civil war history. Our "mess" attempts to represent the life of the common western Confederate infantryman on campaign during the many conflicts in the western theater of the civil war.
Washington Artillery, 5th Company - Based in Louisiana. Our re-enacting organization portrays both a Confederate and a Federal artillery company, and among its members has available to it a total of 8 cannons, 5 of which are original tubes. We also have a sizable civilian contingent affiliated with our Company made up of women, children, and men, giving our Company a total of more than 100 members.
Western Independent Grays - The Western Independent Grays (WIG) is an organization of individuals dedicated to accurately portraying, to the best of their ability, the soldiers who fought in the Western Theater during the American Civil War.
VMI Cadet Reenactment Battalion - The VMI Cadet Reenactment Battalion (VMI Cadets), is a non-geographic group of amateur historians and Civil War buffs who create living history impressions of the Confederate school's cadets as he would have lived during the war. We advocate no political or social ideas other than those of the United States Constitution. We are an organization that exists for the enjoyment of the members and education of the public, and to honor our forefathers on both sides of the conflict.

Federal Reenactment Units

1st Alabama Cavalry, United States Volunteers - Alabama Unionists. Our members come from all walks of life. Among our members are medical professionals, computer jockeys, craftsman, students, PhDs, and businessmen. We are folks who live in Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. Some are natives of the South; others are transplants.
1st Kansas Volunteer Infantry, Companies "A", "D" & "I" & Kansas Women's Relief Corps - Based in Kansas.
1st Maine Cavalry - Originally formed as 2nd Maine Cavalry in Florida in 1959 for the Centennial of the Civil War. Stevens Bunker, the unit's founder, moved to Baltimore, Maryland in 1975 and the core of the regiment reformed there. The unit has since taken on the designation of 1st Maine Cavalry for events in the Maryland-Virginia region.
1st Michigan Engineers & Mechanics - Based out of the Northern Illinois and Chicago land area. We portray Federal Western engineers with experience in building foot bridges, signal towers and abatis barricades at events.
1st Michigan Light Artillery - 3rd Battery - Third Battery members are located across southern Michigan, concentrated within the area bounded by Kalamazoo, Jackson, Lansing, and Coldwater, but many members also live outside that area.
1st Michigan Light Artillery - Battery "D" - Based in Michigan.
1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry - Based at Fort Snelling, Minnesota.
1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, Company "D" - "The Lincoln Guards" - Based in Virginia. The modern Company D, 1st Minnesota was formed in 1990 by a group of Civil War buffs who felt there was a need for a better attempt to recreate life of the Civil War soldier. In the camps of other units you will find anachronisms such as coolers and aluminum cots. This is not the case with the 1st Minnesota. We are attempting to be as authentic as we possibly can achieve. In the field, we sleep in pup tents with wool and gum rubber blankets. Our rations are faithful to the period, consisting of salt pork, hardtack, coffee, suitable fruits and vegetables. We carry nothing that is inappropriate.
1st Nebraska Volunteer Infantry - Company "A" - Today's 1st Nebraska is a reenacting unit whose purpose and goal is to ensure that the memories of those Nebraskans who served in the Civil War will be remembered and honored. Members of the unit hail from Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas.
1st New Jersey Light Artillery Battery "B" - Clark's Battery - If you are in the Northern New Jersey Area you can visit one of our monthly Battery Meetings.
NEW 1st New Jersey Light Artillery, Battery "D" - Based in the Southern New Jersey area. Currently our battery consists of three Coehorn mortars, two Gatling guns, a Billinghurst-Requa Volley Gun, an Ager 'coffee mill' gun, a Williams gun. We are planning to field a full size cannon in 2004/2005. We are members of the Artillery Reserve Association and the National Civil War Artillery Association (NCWAA). We are a provisional member of the United States Volunteers (USV).
1st New York Light Artillery - Reynold's Battery "L" - Our artillery unit is based out of Rochester, New York and is under the command of Captain Sean McAdoo. The unit boasts 3 fully operational 3" Ordnance Rifles with limbers. Our unit participates in several reenactments, educational events, living histories and parades every year. Member of the National Civil War Artillery Association.
1st Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Company "C" - We are a reenactment and living history group portaying mounted cavalry from the American Civil War, encamped in central Ohio. Also portray the 4th Virginia Cavalry - Company "C".
1st Pennsylvania Rifles (Bucktails), Company "B" - While we strive to be authentic, we are also a family oriented unit based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
1st Pennsylvania Reserves - Company "K" - Headquartered in Gettysburg (home many of the members of the original Company K), and most of our current members reside in the Middle Atlantic Area.
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery "B" - Headquartered in Rhode Island. The Battery is actively involved in the following: Living History Encampments, 1860's Fashion and Uniform Shows, Reenactment of Civil War Battles, School & Scout Demonstrations, Historical Preservation, Military Ceremonies, Lectures, Ladies' Teas, Memorial Services, Parades, Historical Displays, and Musical Programs.
1st Rhode Island Cavalry Company "B" - At present Troop B is based out of Scituate, we are always looking for new recruits. If you have any information on the First New England or Frist Rhode Island Cavalry Regiments, Second Lieutenant Grandchamp should be contacted.
1st Rhode Island Light Artillery - Battery "F" - Battery F participates in numerous Civil War events throughout the northeast region. Members of Battery F also serve as instructors at Civil War camps as well as living history presentations - a testimony to their proficiency and professionalism. Battery F "galvanizes" as the South Carolina Palmetto Battery.
1st United States Artillery - Light Company "I" - Based in Keedysville, Maryland.
NEW 1st U.S. Infantry - Companies "A", "C" & "D" - The 1st Regiment, United States Infantry (recreated) is a progressive Civil War reenacting unit with nearly 100 members from the Dallas/Ft. Worth and Central Texas areas. Our core impression is that of regular infantry. The unit we portray was stationed on the Texas frontier prior to and after the Civil War. We strive to accurately portray a Federal Civil War soldier in garrison, static camp, and on campaign. While we obviously prefer to portray Regulars we will also portray volunteer units as the scenario dictates. Individual and unit authenticity and historical accuracy are crucial to living history and reenacting.
1st Vermont Cavalry, Co. K - Champlain Valley Histoprical Reenactors, Inc. Vermont's Civil War Reenactors of the Champlain Valley.
2nd Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery Regiment - We hail from Woodbury, CT and surrounding towns. The idea for the 2nd Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery Regiment reenactment group came about when two current officers sought to commemorate the 61 soldiers of Company I from Woodbury, CT who volunteered for the old 19th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry.
2nd Illinois Light Artillery, Battery "G" - Today, men, women and children from the Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and other nearby areas commemorate and honor the memory of the soldiers who served in the original Battery G and their families by participating in authentic Civil War reenactments and other living history events.
2nd Massachusetts Light Artillery, Nims Battery - Based in Massachusetts.
2nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Company "A" - Based in Michigan.
NEW 2nd Minnesota Infantry - Company "A" - The River Valley Rangers - We are a group of men and women from various areas around the state of Minnesota that have an interest in our nation's history and the Civil War era in particular. We enjoy bringing the American Civil War period to life for ourselves and the public at various events in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and sometimes other states. Events we participate in include parades, living history events, school presentations and reenactments. Our members are from Willmar, Litchfield, Annandale, Elk Eiver, Bayport, Twin Cities, Duluth, and others.
2nd Rhode Island Volunteers, Company "F" - The unit was formed in the summer of 1992. Based primarily in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, the unit enjoys the luxury of being " in the middle" of the major campaign areas of the Civil War's Eastern Theater. Our location enables us to attend many battle reenactments, and living histories without having to travel great distances.
2nd & 4th U.S. Infantry Sykes' Regulars - Based out of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
2nd Regiment of the Vermont Volunteer Infantry, Company "E" - Our ranks are drawn from the Greater Southern and Central California area, from Visalia in the North, to Perris in the South. Our efforts are focused on Public Education, School Programs, and Campaign Style Tactical events which we host. We continually research and try to improve our impressions of the men we endeavor to honor and portray.
2nd U.S. Artillery, Horse Company "A" - Our members come from all over Southern England. Because we have a high proportion of members with families, we generally camp in the "modern" camping area, although we do try and maintain a presence in the "authentic" or living history camp as well. We usually field an average of 3 cannon, which are replicas with a 2" bore firing a 5oz charge. Our drill is mostly taken from the 1864 Field Artillery Tactics Manual.
2nd U.S. Cavalry Company "A"/9th Virginia Cavalry Company "D" - Based in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Our members live in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland and participate in battle reenactments, living histories for the National Park Service, and tactical competitions throughout the year. Mounted and dismounted impressions are welcome.
2nd U.S. Infantry, Company "C" - The company meets once a month in Birmingham, England and attends the various events organised by the American Civil War Society (ACWS). Your first task will be to join ACWS.
2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry - Dedicated to the Military and Civilian History of Wisconsin in the Civil War And The Iron Brigade of the West.
2nd Wisconsin Infantry, Co. H "The Randall Guards" - Based in California. Our unit has earned the reputation as "hardcore" by those who would sleep on cots and wear pretty, clean uniforms. We on the other hand do not believe that we are "hardcore", the unit has no "stitch counters" and makes no demands on an individual above their desires and abilities. We continually are trying to improve our impression and are currently working very hard at perfecting our drill. We eat pretty well at events and have been known to raid an occasional brewery (reference to Voigt's Brewery in Madison, June 1861 - If This Is War, Gaff, Alan. Morningside 1991). We encourage research and strive for authenticity. We realize that we don't write the book, we only read it, and since we were not there in 1862 our knowledge can only be enlightened.
3rd Kansas Artillery, Battery "B" - Based in Salina, Kansas. The 3rd Kansas Reenacting unit was formed by Merle Hodges in 1989. It is considered to be the largest Union Battery West of the Mississippi. The unit is made up of three detachments: 3rd Kansas, Freemont Battery and the Mounted Artillery Battery.
3rd Maine Regiment, Company "A" - Most of the current membership of the resurrected Company A, 3rd Maine live in coastal Maine between the Kennebec Valley and Portland. We are a family-oriented group whose members share a common interest in several aspects of Civil War history.
3rd Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Company "F" - Based in Michigan.
3rd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry - Based in New Jersey. Founded in 1987. Fully democratic not-for-profit organization. All N.C.O.s and officers tested (field and written exams) for promotion. Great fife and drum musicians and active civilians. E-mail "Frosty" Lawson for more information at
3rd New York Artillery Battery "B" - We are a non-paid group of War Between the States re-enactors, located in Fort Myers, Florida, who portray both a Confederate and Union unit.
3rd U.S. Colored Infantry Regiment - Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Many of our events are open to the public and we hope that you might come out and meet us in person. We are currently recruiting new members for both the 3rd U.S.C.T. and our Women's Auxiliary. We invite you to join our ranks and help us to tell the story of the United States Colored Troops and their Civil War Service.
3rd U.S. Field Artillery, Battery "C" - Ft. Kearny, Nebraska
3rd Wisconsin Veteran Volunteer Infantry - Welcome to the only web site devoted entirely to the 3rd Wisconsin Veteran Volunteer Infantry Regiment. This site is owned and maintained by the members of the 3rd Wisconsin Veteran Volunteer Infantry Organization; a non-profit living history organization comprised of Civil War historians throughout the state of Wisconsin. Excellent web site.
4th Iowa, Company "E" - Based in the state of Iowa.
4th Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry - Civil War Re-enactors from Mid-coast Maine. Proudly keeping the memory of the 4th Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry alive.
4th Michigan, Company A - Based in Michigan.
4th Michigan Infantry Regiment, Company "K" - Based in Michigan. The 4th, Co. K is just starting and is looking for any members of any age. We will be drilling alongside the 4th Michigan Co. A this winter. We will also be getting a flag and recruiting post at CrossRoads Village. Please contact us at
4th U.S. Artillery, Battery "B" - The Iron Brigade Battery - We have grown from five members to now, almost ten years later, over 25. We have members in three different states: Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan. Schedule mostly includes Wisconsin reenactments.
NEW 4th US Cavalry Regulars - A mounted reenactment unit keeping alive the hard riding traditions of the old 4th Regulars. With members in Ohio and West Virginia,we travel all over the mid-west. Proud members of the Ohio Cavalry Brigade. Contact Ken Brown:
4th U.S. Infantry, Company "I" - Not sure where it is based. Nice web site, but the recruting page is down. For information, e-mail
5th New York Volunteer Infantry, Co. A "Duryee's Zouaves" - While our membership is centered on the Middle Atlantic States, from New York to Virginia, our 80 soldiers include men from California (where Company C is presently organizing), the midwest and Europe. Founded in 1971, Company A of the 5th New York is one of the oldest and most respected Civil War living history organizations. Uniformed in full Zouave regalia modeled on the garb of the famed French colonial troops, we have participated in countless living history programs, authentic encampments and battle re-enactments, as well as in television documentaries and films. Our Zouave company is always eager to enroll new recruits who share our pride in military skills, our commitment to authenticity and the heartfelt desire to carry on the heroic legacy of the "Old Fifth. Excellent Web Site.
5th Ohio Volunteer Infantry - Company "H" - Our organization, with members from all over Northeastern Ohio, is dedicated to preserving the heritage of the brave men who fought and died in that terrible war.
5th Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers - Their many activities have taken them around the state, throughout New England, and as far south as Virginia and North Carolina. We are principally centered in New Hampshire but have many members from the other New England states of Vermont, Massachussets, Connecticut and Maine.
5th US Regulars, Battery D West Point Battery, and 5th US Artillery Regulars - Our primary area of operation is in North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania.
6th Indiana Galvanized - Also Portrays 33rd Alabama - Home is the state of Alabama.
6th Massachusetts Light Artillery - Based in Louisiana.
6th New Hampshire Volunteers Company E - "The Bully Sixth" - Based in New Hampshire. We are the ONLY regiment representing the 6th New Hampshire Volunteers strongly committed to promoting it's history throughout it's original home county and state.
6th New Jersey Infantry, Company "C" - Based in New Jersey, our organization reenact both Northern and Southern units in the Civil War. We are available for School Programs, Reenactments, Living History, Commericals, Documentaries, Fundraisers, etc.
6th Ohio Volunteer Infantry - Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky and Columbus, Ohio. The Sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry participates in reenactments and living histories throughout the country. We mainly portray Western Federals and also have a civilian group within our membership.
6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company "G" - "Rush's Lancers" - Based in Morrisville, New York.
6th Wisconsin Infantry, Company "C" - Based in the St. Louis Missouri metro area. We participate in reenactments and living history events in the Missouri and Illinois area in addition to Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee, and the large-scale national reenactments such as Antietam, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Perryville and Chickamauga. We are affiliated with the present day Iron Brigade Association and Black Hat Battalion, some of the most respected and admired organizations in Civil War reenacting today.
7th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry - Based in Illinois. The 7th Illinois Cavalry is a volunteer group of civic minded amateur historians, set about to recreate the history of the role of the mounted soldier in the U.S. Army, from the revolution to WWI.
7th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry - Based in Kansas.
7th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, Company "A" - This company will portray Company A, 7th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, a typical marching, Western Infantry Company from Eastern Kentucky.
7th New York Cavalry, Co. "A" - Endview Plantation is on the outskirts of Newport News, Virginia. It is the official home and headquarters for the Seventh New York Cavalry.
7th Maryland Co. "A" - U.S. - From all four corners of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia. There are even soldiers from Ohio who come to join in battle.
7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Company "B" - The 7Th Michigan, is a family oriented, Federally tax exempt, Michigan, nonprofit corporation organized exclusively for the purpose of fostering and preserving the history of the Civil War era (1861-1865). We conduct public discussions and demonstrations of living history, Civil War battle reenactments, military drills, parades, memorials, ceremonies and other related public portrayals of historically accurate Civil War era military and civilian lifestyles and activities.
7th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company "K" - Based in Northeast Ohio.
7th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, Company "A" - Based in West Virginia. The 7th West Virginia Company A. re-enactors take pride in what we do. Our motto is "quality not quantity," as we try to be historically correct to educate the public and ourselves, and not just to " look pretty".
7th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment - Our members reside in several eastern states, including Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York. We also have two honorary members (descendants), one each in Wisconsin and Washington (the state).
8th Illinois Cavalry - Company "B" - The 8th Illinois Cavalry is based in Northern Illinois with members in Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa. In addition to the many Civil War reenactments we attend, we also participate in parades and living histories and make school presentations.
8th Maryland Regiment Infantry U.S. - Company "A" - Based in Maryland.
NEW 8th Regiment New Jersey Volunteer Infantry - Our membership spans the State of New Jersey, and also eastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware. We are a member unit of the United States Volunteers Brigade.
8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Company "B" - Company B 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry is based in Cleveland, Ohio. If you are interested in becoming a member please contact: Thomas Downes 2910 Clinton Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44113.
8th Tennessee U.S. Infantry - Welcome loyal men and women of East Tennessee. Your country calls you to arms to defeat the traitors infesting our beloved state.
9th Battery Massachusetts Volunteers - Bigelow's Battery - The battery participates in various activities in the New England area and at times participates in major reenactments such as Cedar Creek, VA; Gettysburg, PA or Sharpsburg, MD. The battery owns a 10-pdr Parrott cannon and limber as well as a 12-pdr Mountain Howitzer with an original tube.
9th Illinois Volunteers - Based in Illinois/Midwest.
9th Kentucky US Regiment Volunteer Infantry Company "B" - Reside in Middle Tennessee. For Recruits or Veteran Reenactors wanting to join a small unit with no fees, no politics, no regimental headcases, safety and authenticity comes first.
NEW 9th New York Volunteer Cavalry, Company "B" - Based in Western New York, we do dismounted cavalry.
9th Pennsylvania Reserves Volunteer Infantry, Company "A"/38th Pa. Volunteer Infantry (the "Pittsburg Rifles") - A Civil War reenactment unit in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.
NEW 10th Illinois Company "H" - The 10th Illinois is a reenactment, living history and competitive shooting regiment based in the greater Chicagoland area.This past year our regiment has grown significantly, we are now 28 reenacting members strong and it looks like from the requests from visitors who attend our events show that we will grow even larger.
10th Kansas Infantry, Company "B" - Currently the only Federal Unit in Southeast Oklahoma.
10th Massachusetts Battery, N-SSA - The 10th Mass Battery is a member of the New England Region of the N-SSA. We shoot muskets, smoothbores, carbines, revolvers, mortars and cannon in competition.
10th Michigan Infantry - Organized on February 13, 1976 for the United States Bicentennial the Tenth Michigan Infantry of today is one of the oldest units in continuous existance in the state of Michigan and is a registered Michigan Non-Profit corporation. This is a wonderful family oriented hobby that anyone can enjoy.
11th Indiana Civil War Reenactment Unit - Based in Indiana.
12th Illinois Cavalry - Company "F" - Based in Illinois. The 12th Illinois Cavalry was formed in the spring of 1998 as a reenacting unit. Our goal is to accurately portray the soldiers who came out of Greene County Illinois and formed Company F, during the Civil War.
12th Illinois Volunteer Infantry - The First Scotch Regiment - We are a reenacting group based out of Elmhurst Illinois. We attend events all through Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.
12th U.S. Infantry Company "A" - (A Member of the U. S. Volunteers) - We are the 12th U.S. Infantry, a Civil War living history unit from Syracuse, NY. We participate in both local and national events and portray a regiment of the regular U.S. army that served throughout the American Civil War.
13th U.S. Infantry - Company "A" - The only Federal Unit in the Houston area, the 13th seeks to accurately portray the western Federal Regular soldier from the 1860s. We participate in ten to twelve events per year, mostly in the Texas/Louisiana area, and sometimes go farther for large events.
13th U.S. Infantry - Company "C" - We are headquartered at the Historic Lorick Plantation in Irmo, South Carolina.
14th Brooklyn NYSM, Company "C" - The Society for the Historical Preservation of the Fourteenth Brooklyn (84th New York Infantry) is a non-profit, educational and historical corporation of the State of New Jersey. We have been granted tax exempt status by the United States government. Membership is not restricted to the State of New Jersey as we have organizational members internationally. As the name implies we are a society with two active branches.
14th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment - Also Portrays the 6th LA - Co. G, 6th Louisiana/14th Indiana is a dual impression American Civil War reenactment group located primarily in the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania.
14th New Jersey Volunteers Regiment Company "H" - New Jersey - Welcome friends! The 14th NJ Vols. Company H (New Jersey Civil War History Association Inc.) is a non-profit living history organization dedicated to historical preservation, public education, and the personal enjoyment of the reenacting hobby.
14th New Jersey Volunteers, Co. "K" - Based in New Jersey.
15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry - Based in Massachusetts. For re-enactments we travel to a site, mostly in the north-east. When we arrive on Friday evening, we set up camp and drop out of the 20th century until Sunday afternoon. During that time we sleep in dog tents, cook over an open fire, conduct company and battalion drill, go out on skirmishes, and on Saturday and Sunday afternoon we take part in a full scale battle -- many times not only with infantry, but including cavalry and artillery as well.
17th Connecticut Company "H" - The 17th Connecticut Co.H reenacting unit portrays an actual Federal unit that was stationed in Florida during and shortly after the War Between the States. We are based out of Brooksville but include members from throughout the central West Coast area. The 17th's event schedule includes most events in Florida as well as reenactments throughout the southeast United States. We are a family-oriented unit and encourage the participation of the wives and children of the soldiers.
NEW 17th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Company "E" - Based in Michigan. Affiliated with The Western Brigade, and The Black Hats national organizations.
19th Indiana Infantry, Company "A" - We are a re-enactment unit based in Indiana from the same counties that Company A was originally mustered. Enrollment is not restricted to Indiana, we have several members from outside our state. Our unit is one that has grown in stature and membership over the past seasons ,and we would like those of you who are interested in this past-time to look us over.
19th Indiana Infantry - Company "A" - Based in Oregon and Washington. A member of the Northwest Civil War Council.
19th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (German) - Based in Austria.
20th Maine Volunteer Infantry, Company "E" and "G" - The 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry, Company G is a member of the American Civil War Association (ACWA) in Northern California.
20th Regiment, Maine Volunteer Infantry - Company "H" - We are a reenactment company from Central Pennsylvania. We are very active throughout the summer and are currently seeking recruits. If you are interested in a family-based unit who strives for authenticity, Company H could be your answer.
20th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Co. D "The Harvard Regiment" - Based in Norton, Massachusetts. We participate in reenactments throughout New England, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.
21st Michigan Volunteer Infantry - Based in Michigan, the 21st Michigan Volunteer Infantry is a Civil War reenacting regiment founded in 1979. The founders wanted to experience first hand the Civil War soldier's life through authentic reenacting and inform the public about the importance of the role of the Civil War soldier in preserving the Union and building our great nation.
21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry - The Black Swamp Boys - Site is under construction.
22nd Massachusetts - The current 22nd Massachusetts is one of the largest reenactor groups in New England with more than 100 members in the greater Boston area.
22nd Michigan/8th Arkansas - Our members are located in areas of St Clair, Macomb, Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties of Michigan. A family oriented Civil War reenacting group. Our purpose is to preserve the memory of those who fought and died during the American Civil War. We accomplish this through living history, battle reenactments, parades, memorials, and school lectures. We are one of the few organizations in the Great lakes region to actively portray both sides of the war.
24th Michigan Infantry (Michigan Based) - One does not have to be a native of Michigan to participate. We have members in many states of the union and in England as well.
24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Company "C" - Presently members portraying the 24th Michigan are in the greater San Francisco/San Joaquin area. This central location allows us to travel up and down the west coast to participate in Civil War and Living History events. We current belong as part of the ACWA (American Civil War Association) in the greater Sacramento / San Francisco Area. Within the ACWA we are billeted together with the 2nd Wisconsin. Both units portray a segment of the Iron Brigade Guard.
24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Company "D" - "Buck Minister Guards" - Based in Pennsylvania.
25th Mass Volunteers, Company "H" - Based in Uxbridge, Massachusetts.
27th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Company "D" - Based in Indiana.
27th Regt. Indiana Volunteers Company "F" - The Monroe Grenadiers - A new unit founded in 2003. Based in Indiana.
28th Massachusetts Infantry, Companies "A", "C", "H" - During the summer of 1983, a number of Revolutionary War reenactors from the New England area began discussing the idea of putting together a Civil War unit. Once everyone warmed to the idea, deciding on a state unit presented a thorny problem, since the group came from several different states. The 28th Massachusetts of the Irish Brigade became a logical choice, since research into the unit indicated that the original regiment drew volunteers from all over the Northeast. Add to this the fact that many of the current members are fond of John Ford Westerns and his Irish soldiers, and the choice became easy.
29th Ohio Volunteer Infantry - Based in Ohio.
32nd Indiana Vol. Infantry, Company "B" - Based in Indiana.
NEW 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band - The 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band, Inc. was re-created, in 1996, by musicians from Central Illinois. The musicians were recruited from the same geographical area in Illinois as the original Civil War band, mustered at State Normal University (now called Illinois State University) in 1861, and, like the original band, come from all walks of life.
33rd Wisconsin Volunteers - Co. "E" - "The Rock County Ploughboys" - We participate in public living history programs, parades, memorial services, military encampments, and battle reenactments. While we portrays Civil War soldiers, we are not a militia, nor are we political. Rather we are a diverse group of people from all walks of life and all areas of Wisconsin who volunteer our personal time without remuneration.
35th Indiana Infantry, Company "A" (First Irish) - The 35th Indiana is a re-enacting organization based in East Central Indiana out to honor the men of the original First Irish Regiment.
35th Illinois Volunteer Infantry - Company "A" - Based in Central Illinois. We would like to find Recruits who would like to help us promote the history of the 35th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Reenactment Regiment from the Central Illinois Area.
NEW 36th Illinois Infantry Volunteers Company "B" - The 36th Illinois Infantry Regiment Historical Association, Inc., is an organization that is dedicated to preserving our country's Civil War era history through presentations and historical reenactments that are interesting in a relevant and useful way. Our membership is primarily from the greater Chicago and Joliet, Illinois area.
37th Illinois Infantry Co. "B" - The 37th Illinois Infantry consists of two separate living history and Civil War reenactment organizations based out of Central and Northwest ARKANSAS (Company A members live primarily around Fayetteville Arkansas while Company B members are from the Little Rock area). Company A and B are affiliated under the larger, Frontier Brigade , which is comprised of Federal Reenactors from Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, and Montana.
40th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (11th PA Reserves) - Based in southwestern Pennsylvania.
41st Ohio Volunteer Infantry - Company "K" - Our "home" area is between the Cleveland/Wooster section of NE Ohio. Member of the Army of Ohio.
44th Illinois Volunteer Infantry - The 44th Illinois is currently one of the largest and fastest growing civil war reenacting units in Illinois. We pride ourselves on the strong reputation we’ve built as a good unit that is out there to have fun.
44th New York Company "D" - Ellsworth's Avengers - Bakersfield, California. We are a reenacting company D and the second comany E of the 44th New York Zouaves.
45th New York Volunteer Infantry (a.k.a. The 5th German Rifles)
48th New York Volunteer Infantry, Company "D" - Based in New York? The Official Home Page of the 48th New York State Volunteer Infantry Regiment, and the Reactivated 48th NYSV, Company D.
48th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company "C" - Based in Ohio?
49th Indiana Infantry - Company "F" - We are a unit based out of Indianapolis, but have members from across Indiana as well as surrounding states.
49th New York Volunteer Infantry, Company "D" - Based in Ontario, Canada. We are proud members of the American Civil War Historical Re-enactment Society, an umbrella group of Canadian re-enactors who honour and preserve the memory of the 50,000 Canadians, in blue and gray, who fought and served in the War between the States. To our knowledge we are the largest group of Federal infantry re-enactors in Canada.
49th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company "H" - Most of our members come from all over the State of Ohio and from all different sorts of backgrounds and occupations. They hail from such places as Bradner, Columbus, Dayton, Hilliard, Kettering, Springfield, Waynesville, Westerville, Worthington, Zanesville, and even as far away as Wheeling, WV. All of our members share a common goal in wanting to 'get it right' on and off the field, historically accurate in appearance and drill, with safety first, but fun and camaraderie always. Members of the George H. Thomas Invincibles.
50th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company "E" - Based in Halifax, Pennsylvania.
51st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company "B" - We are a relatively small organization with 45 members coming mainly from NE Ohio with members from as far away as Wisconsin and Missouri. We take pride in our quality of members not quantity. We are a founding member of The Army of the Ohio as well as members of the Western Brigade, Inc.
52nd New York State Volunteers - We are a small, family oriented, independent group located in the Long Island and New York City Area. We do both local and national reenactment events. We also participate in some local living history events, parades and fairs.
53rd Pennsylvania Infantry Co. "C" - Company C, 53rd P.V.I. is based in eastern Pennsylvania and is a unit of the National Regiment.
54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry - Co. "B" - The memory of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment lives on in a Washington, DC area reenactment group known as B Company.
54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Company "I" - Based in the State of South Carolina and surrounding areas. Members of the unit participate in battle reenactments, visit schools and participate in public events as fully equipped and trained reenactors of the period.
56th Regiment, Penna. Vol Infantry - Founded in 1994, we are a progressive USV Line Company.
57th Ohio Volunteer Infantry - Company "G" - We call Findlay, Ohio our home, however we have members from all over NW Ohio. We are a family oriented Civil War reenactment group. We enjoy researching our past and are very proud of the men that carried are flags into battle. Our purpose in reenacting is to attempt to teach others what life may have been like for the average soldier in the Civil War. We also do lots of local area events & talks for different groups including school children. If you are interested in reenacting or just have a love for history. You can call the Hancock Historical Museum at 419-423-4433 or email
61st Ohio Volunteer Infantry Company "D" - The 61st Ohio Volunteer Infantry,is based in the Youngstown - East Palestine Ohio area. The 61st O.V.I. is a family oriented reenacting group, with the main idea and purpose of portraying the original soldiers of the 61st. We would also be privilaged to accept any new member, regardless of age or status.
62nd Pennsylvania Infantry - Company "D" (Volunteer) - Based in Pennsylvania.
62nd Pennsylvania Volunteers - Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
64th Ohio Volunteer Infantry - We are a reenactment group located in North Central Ohio. As commander of the 64th, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to browse the many pages of this site. You will find everything about the 64th from the original men of the unit and their history to today's living historians.
67th New York (The 1st Long Island Volunteers)
- Our unit is based in Long Island performing mostly local events but our campaigning with the Mifflin Guard takes us to the usual spots in PA, MD, DE, and VA. We participate in a variety of 'Living History' events throughout Long Island including parades, encampments, school programs, and, of course, re-enactments of the more conventional variety. Our hobby takes us on long marches through the magnificent countrysides of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland where many a real battle has taken place and all the while we never fail to have a good time.
69th New York State Volunteers Company "A" - The Fighting 69th - The 69th NYSV Historical Association is a non-profit living history organization founded in 1984 for the purpose of accurately portraying the life of the Irish soldier in the Union army to the general public. We are a family-friendly unit that emphasizes historical research and authenticity, safety, battalion drill, and battlefield tactics. At present,we have over 50 members from New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Connecticut.
69th New York Volunteer Infantry, 1st Regiment "Irish Brigade" (UK)
- We are part of The American Civil War Society Ltd., a re-enactment group in the UK.
72nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment - Company "A" - The "Hancock Guard" - The 72nd Illinois base camp is located in Southern Lake County near Wauconda, Illinois. However, we draw members from Cook County the Chicago area, as well as the greater Northern Illinois region.
72nd Pennsylvania Volunteers - Baxter's Phil. Fire Zouaves - We are headquartered in the Philadelphia-South Jersey area, although we have members from other areas of the region and other states.
74th Illinois Civil War Reenactors - Rockford, Illinois. The 74th is looking for new recruits. If you are interested in living history, historic preservation and meeting others with a similar interest drop us a line and we can help you get started in this hobby. We welcome all from hardcore to family oriented reenactors. We usually fall in with the black hat battalion at most major events look for us there.
76th New York State Volunteers, Company "H" - Based in New York.
76th Ohio Volunteer Infantry - Located primarily in central Ohio, the 76th OVI is on a quest to be the premier Ohio unit. Phil Jenkins is the Captain of this fine outfit.
79th New York Cameron Highlanders Company "A" - Virginia Beach, Virginia Unit.
79th New York Volunteer Infantry Company "C" - A member of the American Civil War Association, located in Northern California.
81st Ohio Volunteer Infantry Morton's Independent Rifle Regiment - The 81st O.V.I. Civil War Re-enacting Unit, formed in 1999 is based out of Northwestern Ohio. Our members are currently from the Allen, Vanwert, and Putnam County Areas and a few from other states; but we do accept any person from the Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan areas.
81st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company "K" - Today's Co.K, 81st PVI is a diverse group of Civil War enthusiasts from all over Northeastern Pennsylvania. We are a registered non-profit organization with a current membership of 49.
83rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry - Company "K" - Welcome to the website of the 83rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Co. K, Civil War Reenactors, based in Erie, Pennsylvania.
87th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company "C" - The 87th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company C is a member of 2nd Battalion, Vincent's Brigade. We are based in York County, PA, but draw members from all over south central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.
88th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company "A" - Our membership is based in the around the southeastern part of Pennsylvania. The 88th Pennsylvania is a family oriented organization. We encourage family participation and involvement in all aspects of our group. We do interpretations of the infantry, specifically Co. A of the 88th PVI, Medical, Musicians, and Civilians. New membership is always welcomed in all of these areas. We strive to make new members feel like a part of our family.
91st Ohio Volunteer Infantry - Based in Southeastern Ohio and a strong supporter of the Buffington Island battlefield.
NEW 95th Illinois Infantry Volunteer Regiment - Based in Ramona, California.
97th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry - Based in Pennsylvania.
97th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Co. "A" - Based in Florida.
98th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Co. "A" - We are based in Southeastern Pennsylvania so most reenactments we take part in are within the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia areas.
100th PennsylvaniaVolunteer Infantry, Company "K" - We are located in Southern California.
104th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Company "H" - The 104th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Co. H, is a Civil War reenacting unit based mostly in Northern and Central Illinois. Most of our events are in the Central and Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, Iowa and Indiana. We also attend at least one large national event at an actual battlefield site each year.
NEW 104th Pennsylvania Volunteers/McClellan Rangers Reenactment Association - Home - Doylestown, Bucks County and SE Pennsylvania.
104th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company "C" - The 104th Pa. Volunteer Infantry Civil War Reenactment Group is located 20 miles Northwest of Philadelphia in Bucks County, Warminster Township, Pennsylvania.
107th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company "A" - Northeast Florida. The "re-enactors" form a part of the Host Unit for the Annual reenactment of the Battle of Olustee or Ocean Pond, Florida each February on the weekend nearest the anniversary of the battle.
NEW 105th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company "E" - We are a group of Civil War reenactors from South Western Pennsylvania with headquarters near West Newton, Pennsylvania.
114th Illinois Infantry - We are a federal infantry unit based out of Texas, focusing on civil war reenactments in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas, and national events all over the country. We come from all walks of life, all types of backgrounds, but come together for the love of history, and teaching the real life, the untold tragedies of the American Civil War soldier.
114th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company "E" "Collis' Zouaves" - We are headquartered in northeastern Pennsylvania, with some of our members in the Philadelphia area, and Delaware. We attend events in PA, MD, and NJ. Collis' Zouaves are a group of campaign oriented reenactors dedicated to the authentic portrayal of the Federal soldiers that served in Co. E of the 114th.
116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Company "B" - Based in Oregon. A member of the Northwest Civil War Council.
116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Company "C" - Southern California - The One Hundred-Sixteenth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company A is an Orange County based reenactment group devoted to preserving the history of the American Civil War through the portrayal of this unit’s activities while attached to the Army of the Potomac, circa 1863.
116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company "I" "The Irish Brigade" - Based in Pennsylvania. One of the oldest reenactment units in the country. Authentic reenacting owes a great debt to both Sherman's Bummers and the early Irish Brigade, they being some of the first to dress in authentic uniform, drill properly and present the most realistic period camp-sites. Excellent web site.
119th New York Volunteers, Company "H" - Company H was reformed approximately one hundred and fifteen years after the original Company mustered out. In 1980, a group of five Long Islanders, through their love and dedication to American and Long Island history, formed the Company H, 119th New York Volunteer Historical Association. The Association exists as a non-profit organization, incorporated under the New York State Education Law.
114th Illinois Infantry - Based in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas
121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry - Based in Ohio. Member of The Army of the Ohio, The Great Lakes Brigade and the First Federal Division. Company H of The 121st Ohio Volunteers was formed in 1992 by the Marion County Historical Society to provide a group of reenactors to portray people of the 1860s at local events, schools, fairs, and parades.
NEW 122nd New York Volunteer Infantry - As living historians we strive to: Educate the public through living history, exhibits, school presentations and other interactions. Accurately depict and represent the life and times of the original 122nd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, also known as the "Onondagas", during the American Civil War (ACW). The "Home" impression will be of the 122nd NY at local events. An accurate impression will be portrayed of commands represented at other events. An event specific Federal impression will be the standard adhered to as defined in uniform and authenticity standards. Maintain an authentic camp atmosphere while fostering comradeship, fellowship and family.
123rd New York Volunteer Infantry Company "D" - We are garrisoned in North Georgia, out of Resaca, and are members of the Georgia Division Reenactors Association, Inc. and participate as a company in the Georgia Division Battalion. We are a group of American Civil War reenactors who portray both Company G of the 28th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, C.S.A., and Company D of the 123rd New York Volunteer Infantry, U.S.A.
124th New York State Volunteers "Orange Blossoms" - The 124th New York State Volunteers is a Civil War era reenactment unit started in 1982 in Orange County, NY, where the old regiment was raised. The unit has about 50 members in uniform and accurately represents a company at mid-war. Spouses and children are welcomed in this family oriented group; the ladies may choose to participate in The Daughters of Orange which portrays a patriotic organization of the time.
125th Ohio Volunteer Infantry - Georgia's Federal Reenactors - We are a union only reenacting unit in the Atlanta, Georgia area. We are an active unit and average 22 to 24 events during the year.
125th OVI “Tiger Band” - The modern Tiger Band consists of six members from the Atlanta area: Zach Bauer and John Penny on fifes, Eric Emde, Kevin Edmiston, and Travis Holdren on snare drums, and Larry Bristow on bass. The Tiger Band conducts living history programs and historical demonstrations to preserve the memory of the Civil War Field Musician, and to educate the general public on their unique role and service contributions to both Country and Comrades.
140th New York Volunteer Infantry Living History Organization - The 140th NYVI Living History Organization is a nonprofit organization founded in Rochester, New York during 1982. We are a family oriented group of approximately one hundred individuals and families, centered in Western New York.
145th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Co. "D" - Erie, Pennsylvania. Our unit travels to surrounding states including Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia to participate in a broad range of Civil War reenactments.
148th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Co. "C" - Based out of Centre County, Pennsylvania (State College area) and is a member of the 1st. Regiment of the United States Volunteers (USV)
149th New York - The Salt Point Rangers - "The Fourth Onondaga Regiment" - We are a "campaigner" type Civil War reenacting group based in Syracuse, New York, home of the original 149th NYSV. We are a unit that is highly motivated by historical correctness and authenticity. We portray the soldiers in the 149th NYSV, and recreate their lives and times through Civil War battle reenactments, encampments, living histories, parades, and more.
Brackett's Battalion - Nice web site. Not sure where the unit is based.
155th New York Volunteer Infantry - Based in Buffalo, New York. The present reenactment regiment was formed in 1989, and now numbers over 125 members, including: soldiers, musicians, surgeons and medical staff, nurses, "sanitary commission" members, and civilian women, men, and children. Our organization portrays Company I, one of the Buffalo, New York infantry companies.
Buckeye Mess - We are a group of men that share a passionate interest in authentic, American Civil War reenacting. We are from the midwest region of the U.S.; most from the great state of Ohio. Like other authentic reenacting units, we previously participated in "not so authentic" units and decided we wanted to get the most out of it. We feel we owe it to the men of the blue and gray to portray their histories as accurate as possible.
NEW The Calico Boys - We are a group of Authentic C/H/P Reenactors. We pride ourselves in portraying both Union and Confederate Soldiers to the best of our ability and we always strive to improve and progress.
NEW Carolina Legion Brigade Hospital - Based in North Carolina. The Carolina Legion Brigade Field Hospital is an authentic recreation of the medical facilities made available by the CSA Medical Department to the infantry regiments in the Confederate Army. The Carolina Legion Hospital is a component of the Carolina Legion reenacting organization commanded by Brig Gen Jeff Stepp.
NEW Citizens Guard - Company A, Second Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry - We are a progressive civil war reenacting group with members primarily from southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. We are headquartered in Fox Lake, Wisconsin, home of the original company. Company A is a member organization of the Second Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Association.
Columbia Rifles - Many members of the CR hail from the same parts of the country where the original Army of the Potomac was recruited over 140 years ago, including New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, and Michigan, as well as Virginia, North Carolina, Ontario, and New Brunswick. The Columbia Rifles is affiliated with the Potomac Legion battalion. The CR is a group of men who are constantly striving to learn and improve. We serious about our impression and we require adherence to relatively strict “material” standards (uniforms, kit, &c.). However, the CR places equal emphasis on the “methods” (how the material goods are used — such as drill, rations, camping methods, military procedures, &c.) and “man” (i.e., first-person) aspects of living history. Further, the CR is a place where good friends get together to learn about Civil War history while having a good time together.
Cumberland Guard Homepage - A large organization based out of Indiana. Commanded by Dave Shackleford.
NEW Cushing's Battery - Based in Southeastern Wisconsin our unit portrays Battery A, 4th U.S. Light Artillery. We do many events all over the state of Wisconsin and some in Northern Illinois. Our association includes both military and civilian impressions.
NEW Excelsior Brigade Fife and Drum Corps - The Excelsior Brigade is itself a reenacting fife and drum corps wearing authentic uniforms of the NYS militia and attends several events each year. We also attend local parades and festivals to promote reenacting, and use the funds from such to purchase the uniforms and equipment for members. Drummers, after 4 years full-time drumming, keep their instrument. Fifers keep theirs after 2. We run a music school at Fort Ontario, Oswego, NY each year and host instructions for individual musicians for free at every event we attend. Our instructors have many years' experience.
George H. Thomas Invincibles - We are a cooperation of like minded groups and individuals based in the Midwest and focused on authentic-minded reenacting. Our primary focus is western federal impression, but individual units and members often portray other groups as well. (various civilians, eastern US, and some Confederate). It started with guys looking for something better. We set the bar higher for ourselves and expect nothing less of our comrades. We research our impressions, and they change to fit each event we attends.
NEW Hard Head Mess - The Hard Head Mess is a collection of good friends who desire a little more than what typical Civil War living histories or reenactments have to offer. Started in 1999 by Tom Klas, Matt Smith, & Andy Voss, we are a campaign unit based on three key ideals: 1. Possessing a proper attitude towards a top-notch portrayal. 2. The desire to constantly help each other improve our impressions. 3. To study and freely share our information with others. The Hard Head Mess does not collect dues, does not actively recruit, and membership is only granted through an invitation. We want people not only who have a desire to do it right, but will fit in with us.
NEW Holmes Brigade (24th Missouri, 34th Illinois) - Based in Missouri. Member of the Western Brigade. Portrays a typical Western Federal Infantry unit, who were the backbone of the army. Unlike other reenacting units, it does not portray only an individual regiment or company. Its range is not limited to Civil War reenactments, its members portray pre-war and post-war time periods as well, both military and civilian. It prides itself on the ability to represent authentic and diverse living history impressions.
Kearsarge Afterguard - The Kearsarge Afterguard is incorporated into the State of New Hampshire as a nonprofit educational organization. Our goal is to preserve the maritime history of the American Civil War.
Knap's Independent Battery "E" - The members of Knap's Battery take great pride that we are now in our 30th year as a re-enactment organization. We are always looking for new members. Our current ranks include members from several states, including Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, and New Jersey.
Liberty Rifles (They also do a Confederate Impression) - Currently consisting of 5 companies based out of Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Northern Virginia and New York, we also have members from California, to Georgia, to New Hampshire and France. Authenticity is our perpetual journey; our endeavor is to always improve. It is our responsibility to assist and encourage others on their journey. It is hoped that the future generations who attend our events will leave with a new and correct vision of the sacrifices made on their behalf by our forefathers.
Louisiana Division of Reenactors/ The National Provost Battalion - The Louisiana Division's headquarters are in Central Louisiana. About 90 miles south of Shreveport, La. as the crow flies. It is a regional organization covering most of the area of the deep south Trans-Mississippi ( Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma ). All reenacting impressions of that period are represented. There is a large well organized civilian branch, that is quite active in educational programs.
NEW Medical Department, Military Division of the Mississippi - Members of this Medical Department actively participate in living history programs and battle reenactments and have a large collection of period medical items. They are currently involved in establishing the Francis Gayden Civil War Museum in Jonesboro, GA. Contact Surgeon Major Schaller at
Mifflin Guard - The Mifflin Guard's membership is located in the Mid-Atlantic region, including Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.
Ohio Cavalry Brigade - Mounted units in Ohio and surrounding states dedicated to the hard riding and fighting traditions of the horse cavalry.
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NEW Potomac Legion - A battalion-level Civil War living history organization, dedicated to a campaigner-oriented, research-based impression. The Legion was officially organized in January, 2001 and typically portrays Eastern Federal troops, although our impression changes to fit the needs of the event. The Potomac Legion is comprised of campaigner units with members throughout the eastern United States, from New York to North Carolina, and from Michigan to Maine and Canada. The Legion's impression is dictated by the event and portrayal, and changes from event to event.
NEW Rowdy Pards - A member organization of the American Living History Society, is a progressive, campaign living history society. We are committed to an accurate impression of the soldier of 1861-1865 as he actually looked, acted, drilled , camped and fought. Fantasy belongs in the comic books - not living history. Our philosophy is best described by the B.I.R.D. principle - Because Its Right, Darn it.
NEW Ruff n' Ready Mess - We are a group of young men from Southeastern Ohio who try to portray the common federal soldier, Eastern and Western to the best of our knowledge and abilities.
Salt River Rifles - Leading By Example! Progression Without Attitude! The Salt River Rifles has established themselves in the Southeast as a reliable, authentic, Civil War reenacting unit that serves with pride and without ego or attitude. We have supported and done our duty at many authentic events. Great attitudes and progression is what we are all about. We do not ask anyone to break any ties or affiliations they may currently have with another unit or mess. Our roster is made up of those that commit to be part of this effort for 2-4 campaign/immersion events each year outside of your current units schedule.
Sergeant's Guard (Federal Marine Reenactors in Florida) - Located in the Tampa - Clearwater - St. Petersburg area of Florida (Tampa Bay area), The U.S.S Fort Henry's reenactors participates at various Civil War related reenactments and living histories.
NEW Skulker Mess - I am a member of the Skulker's Mess, a group of Civil War re-enactors/living historians out of the Missouri, Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kansas area. We portray Federal, Confederate and civilian, but most importantly we try to do it authentically. Our favorites are Missouri Confederate "Camp Jackson Boys" and Illinois Federal "Egyptian Tigers".
NEW The Slakerz' Saloon Mess - We are progressive/hardcore Civil War reenactors fom all over the state of Ohio. Our goal is to properly protray the hardships and tribulations that the men on both sides of the lines had to go through on a daily basis. We are always researching our impressions so that we may constantly improve. We do not portray officers, only the "grunts" who had to shoulder the real burden of the fighting and daily life.
Texas Rifles - The Texas Rifles reside in the Houston,  Austin,  Dallas area and are a progressive unit committed to achieving realistic and  historically accurate representations of the Civil War through battle reenactments and living history impressions by our military and civilian  members and participation in a wide range of other events related to  Civil War history in our local communities
NEW US Naval Landing Party
- Formed in the Fall of 1997 by Union Naval reenactors in the New England area. We are a member unit of the Navy & Marine Living History Association (NMLHA). The USNLP portrays the activities of sailors and marines ashore along the coasts and rivers of the country during the Civil War -- a little known role for the Navy in the 1861-65 conflict.
Western Brigade - National Division
- A limited federation of mid-19th century military reenactment organizations portraying companies of Western Federal Soldiers at American Civil War reenactments and living history events. The federation is organized on the battalion (regimental) and brigade level. All three branches of military service (infantry, artillery, cavalry) are represented.


Some Reenactment Units